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Siegmund (Siggy) Bergemann and Alan Kesselhaut

Siggy Bergemann, an accomplished creative photo artist and teacher, resides in Westphalia. He began his professional life as a reproduction photographer working in the darkroom and today teaches Photo editing classes as well as mentoring beginners. Much of his current photography centers on landscapes, artful detail shots and black and white work. His photographs have been exhibited in Westphalia and Norderney, Germany's oldest North Sea spa resort.

Alan Kesselhaut, the founder of Princeton Photo Workshop, is known for his accomplishments as a photographer, teacher and mentor. He has taught classes and workshops in New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Sedona and New Jersey. He has instructed educational, business and corporate groups including Princeton University's Lewis Center for the Art, Deloitte, Red Bank High School, Gill St Bernard school staff members, Maersk team members, garden club members and has mentored young people across the globe, most recently in Kigali, Rwanda. His HDR Youtube video has been viewed by more than 400,000 people worldwide.

Siggy and Alan met by chance on a hiking path in Iceland in 2011. Both were carrying their cameras.