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"This camp was one of the best camps I've been to. I think the teachers were great. The students were also very fun to hang out with. Everyone had a strong eye for photography which motivated me more to get better and better!" Maya

“Princeton Photo Workshop was super fun and I enjoyed it tremendously! " Karis

“Loved the camp! As a camper, I appreciated the warm and patient help of the instructors and it was one of the highlights of my summer.” Alex

“(Our son) LOVED the week with you! “He learned so much, not only about photography, but also about opening himself up to new experiences. How wonderful for him to feel safe and comfortable with you and to see that something can be so rewarding.” Leah

“The instructors to student ratio was great. My daughter seemed very lively this whole entire week. Thank you." Bruce

“My son loved the camp. He went not knowing anything and came out with lots of knowledge and now he is practicing what he learned." Lizette

"My 15 year old son absolutely loved his week at Princeton Photo Camp! The first thing he did when he arrived home was show all his photos of the day to me. We are having a slide show for his other family members this weekend! I think you opened a door to his future whether as a passion or a career path. Thank you for encouraging him and inspiring him!" Sydney

This camp was just perfect for my 14 year old daughter. The staff taught her so much in the one week camp session. The photos she took looked like she'd been studying photography for years. She even taught me how to use my camera in something other than auto mode. We went on a family trip to Vermont and New Hampshire after the camp was over and our daughter was able to be our official photographer for the trip. Beautiful photos. Highly recommend this experience." Lara

* Photo experiences may include: Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Macro Photography, Architecture Photography, Still Life Photography, Street Photography, Model Photography, Studio Photography

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