Landscape / Cityscape in B&W with Ossian Lindholm

Saturday, October 26, 2019, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
20 Library Place, Princeton

“I can get a far greater sense of ‘color’ through a well-planned and executed black and white image than I have ever achieved with color photography.” - Ansel Adams

Learning the fundamental skills to make a Black and White image allows photographers to create some of the most stunning and imaginative images in their portfolios. While colors can be used to balance the composition in color photography, many of those colors result in the same shade of gray in black & white. The absence of color brings the viewer's attention to the light and shadows in forms and textures; the photographer must focus on composition and see the scene creatively to make a successful B&W image. Sunrise / sunset demonstrates the dichotomy: while the golden lights of a reddish sunrise or sunset aren't useful in B&W photography, the shadows produced by the low angle light of the sun and the backlighting that we can achieve at these moments make for captivating images in B&W. In both Landscape and Cityscape, B&W photography demands that we explore textures, shapes, shadows and illuminations, which evolve throughout the day as the light changes. Even hard lights with shadows, geometric shapes and sharp edges make for beautiful compositions of high contrast.

Photographers today have the option of editing the same photograph in color or B&W. While masters like Adams perfected their work in the dark room using techniques of dodging and burning, the digital photographer’s success comes from learning how to use continually evolving software tools to achieve powerful visual results.

During our workshop, we'll learn the basics of B&W digital photography, explore how to see the possibilities in a color image we plan to convert to a B&W image and discuss camera settings and composition to achieve best results. We will spend a few hours shooting and work with Adobe Lightroom* and Silver Efex Pro* to convert our standard pictures into successful B&W images. You will leave this full-day workshop with inspiring new insights and skills to create memorable B&W images. 

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
Required Skills: Familiarity with your camera's settings and functions, know how to shoot in manual mode and how to control depth of field.

“Ossian is a profound teacher who teaches students to convey what they see before even picking up the camera. Often we would get to a place and just observe and fill our eyes with the landscape, our ears with the music of nature and our lungs breathing clean air and only then would we grab our equipment and take pictures. He also believes strongly that having good technique will help you express your vision and artistic passion.”- Maine Media

"I had a great time attending "Travel the World with Nature's Light with Ossian Lindholm" at the Princeton campus. "Ossian is a fantastic instructor who was patient and explained his techniques for capturing nature's light. The course material and pacing was good and everything I learned I will be putting into practice. Looking forward to future courses." - Jason

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