Black & White with Vincent Versace

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20 Library Place, Princeton, NJ

The ability to create a stunning black and white image is among photography’s greatest and most admired skills. A well-crafted black and white photograph remains the finest of the fine arts. Vincent Versace, internationally recognized digital photography pioneer, founding Nikon Ambassador and best-selling author of "From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man" has spent his career teaching the art of perception and how to translate it into extraordinary black and white images. Vincent's images are featured in a multitude of top publications and are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute.

Making a memorable black and white picture consists of taking the shot and employing post-processing tools to create a final image that reflects what you felt at the moment you pressed the shutter. During this full day workshop, we'll develop our ability to "see" the potential to make a black and white image by learning and practicing the key elements, including composition, tonal contrast, texture, light quality and more. Weather permitting, we'll shoot in the field and the studio. After our shoot, Vincent will use some of your images to demonstrate simple, effective post-processing tools to convert your images into black & white pictures. We'll end the day by exploring printing techniques for black and white photography.

This class is a creative adventure for all photographers, from beginner through advanced. Basic knowledge of post-processing may be helpful but is not required. The experience of working with black & white photography hones all your photography skills and makes you a better photographer. You will leave the workshop with a new set of photographic skills that will help you create extraordinary images for your portfolio.

"Vincent is extremely talented! And pretty funny. I learned a lot. Loved the shooting session. I felt very much at home and really like your workshops. I look forward to your field trips." Roberta

"Vincent is a larger than life name in the world of photography and he certainly delivered a great presentation true to his reputation. I enjoyed hearing his ideas and general philosophy on the art of photography. He is very engaging and entertaining. What a wonderful opportunity to be in the same room with such a photography legend right here in Princeton!" Nancy


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