Private Photo Editing Software Instruction

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Private Photo Editing Software Instruction

from 225.00

Instructor: Alan Kesselhaut

Private one-on-one instruction is one of the fastest and best ways to improve your photo processing skills. Each custom private session is tailored to meet your needs and goals.  

Adobe Lightroom offers an amazing level of productivity and efficiency with simple, user-friendly steps that let you take control of your photographic workflow from image capture to final print. Learn how to import, organize and process your images.
When you're ready to take your post-processing to the next level, learn to harness the power of Adobe Lightroom's Develop Module, including the Transform Tool to reduce distortion, level horizons and straighten images, Global Adjustment sliders, Local Adjustment tools and a whole lot more.
Adobe Photoshop is a program designed for all disciplines. By learning how to use the Photoshop tools designed specifically for photographers, you will discover how to make your good photos into great photos. Learn how to use Camera RAW to process your photos, layers, blend modes, selections,adjustments and more.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is a set of techniques that allow the photographer to more accurately depict the range of intensity levels in real scenes, offsetting the camera's limitations to capture the scene we see with our eyes. You'll learn how to use Photomatix software to merge multiple frames together and Photoshop Layers to arrive at an image that captures what moved you to take the photo in the first place.
Laptop required.

"Best photography/Adobe class I have ever taken. Alan is great and makes sure you leave with a strong understanding of basic storage and also gets you started with manipulating your images." Arthur

"This was probably the best money I ever spent. Alan was very kind and patient, as well as incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. I feel like I learned a lot and also feel more confident. I'm excited to start taking more pictures, and then working with them to make them into art."

"Alan is a wonderful, patient and thorough instructor and really takes the time to ensure that everyone leaves happy and more knowledgeable. Highly recommended!" Natalie

Excellent one on one instruction! Alan helped me take my good pictures to "wow". - Dona Lee

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