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Enter the enchanting world of Macro Photography in two exciting new Macro Workshops. Experiment with the techniques of macro photography, including proper focus, lighting, depth of field, composition and more. These classes are a creative adventure for photographers at all levels, beginner through advanced. Special equipment is not required. You will leave your workshop with a new set of photographic skills and some astonishing images for your portfolio.

"Left the workshop with a solid understanding of the approach to this style of photography and looking forward to putting it all into practice on shots I'm already starting to plan." Harry

"Macro photography at its best! Don Komarechka was an engaging, funny, immensely talented photographer with spectacular photos of water droplets, snowflakes, flowers and bugs! He was able to connect with all the levels...in the class in a personal way and made everyone feel comfortable even though some of us were total beginners. He was informative, exciting, and took the time to help every single person individually. We all learned about this amazing world of seeing what is usually "unseen" and brought skills home. One of the best classes I have taken." Sharon

"Don was knowledgeable, funny and very interesting. He provided guidance to every person and inspired ideas that are creative and doable at home." Lauren

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Classes held at 20 Library Place, Princeton, NJ

Macro Water Droplet Workshop with Don Komarechka

Photographing refracted images within water droplets reveals the beauty of simple physics and opens the creative doors to unlimited possibilities in macro photography. This hands-on workshop is open to photographers of any skill level. Even with simple gear we can make magic happen! If you don’t have equipment dedicated to macro photography, we'll work with reverse-mounting lenses to get close. Much of this workshop involves improvisation and will spark creative solutions to all kinds of photography challenges. Additional tools will be provided. You will have a “third hand” tool, a spray bottle, and the necessary staging ingredients for creating water droplet refractions. All of these tools will be yours to take home at the end of the workshop. Expect it to be challenging, but you will walk away with images you’d be proud to share.

Macro Flowers Workshop with Don Komarechka

A simple flower can contain unending details, patterns and textures. As a photographer, how do you look beyond the outward appearance and construct an image that breathes life into the subject? Understanding light and shadows, lines and colour, and how our eyes visually navigate an image can help us build a narrative with our images.Participants are encouraged to have off-camera flash or an extremely bright LED flashlight, but such equipment will be available to loan out during the workshop. Controlling the light and the background will be paramount to your success, as will be choosing what elements to exclude from the frame while still being able to tell the complete story. Technical knowledge is woven with artistic perception to create these images.