2019 Date Coming Soon!
20 Library Place, Princeton NJ

Infrared photography allows traditional landscape photographers to re-invent their compositions with surreal qualities. Glowing foliage, deep skies, and a certain other-worldly quality can transform an ordinary scene into a portfolio-worthy image.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about camera settings, subject and composition for infrared photography, along with the necessary post-processing workflow required to get stunning "false color" images at the end of this journey.
We'll begin the day with a discussion of behind-the-camera techniques to prepare to shoot in the field. If we don't find ideal infrared weather conditions, we'll shoot our subjects with the understanding that the contrast would be higher in the sunshine. We will adapt and stay creative! After our shoot, it's time to pull out our laptops (required) and take our images into post processing. Don will lead us through several simple Photoshop "actions" that can easily be accomplished by a Photoshop novice.

Experimentation is encouraged, as there are many unknowns to explore. Artificial dies in fabric and hair will behave strangely, LED light might appear to be off - emitting no infrared light, people will appear to have porcelain skin. It's not just a different way to process an image, it's an entirely different way to see the world around us. Something that might be completely boring to our own eyes will jump to life in infrared - and understanding how and why that transition happens will be a key component in this workshop.

Requirements: Infrared camera, Laptop suggested

"I really learned a lot about IR...and I love it!" Nat