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Alan Kesselhaut is known for his expertise in high dynamic range (HDR) techniques and for his accomplishments as a photographer, teacher and mentor. He has taught classes and workshops in New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Germany, Sedona, Arizona and New Jersey. He has instructed educational, business and corporate groups including Princeton University's Lewis Center for the Art, Deloitte, Red Bank High School, Gill St Bernard staff members and has mentored young people across the globe, most recently a young man whom he met in Kigali, Rwanda. His HDR Youtube video has been viewed by more than 400,000 people worldwide.
Alan comes to digital photography with a degree in graphic arts, composition and design and as the former owner of a graphic arts company.

"Alan Kesselhaut's workshop was marvelous. He's informative as well as entertaining. I immediately went home and tried some of his suggestions. He's very generous with answering personal questions and giving much needed advice." CB

"Alan is very professional and personable and does a great job of sharing his insights and making sure everyone is getting good shots. He is enthusiastic and makes me want to be a better photographer. When he talks about the magic of certain photo editing techniques, it is obvious he loves what he does." Nancy

"This special Grand Central Terminal event was incredible, and Alan was extremely helpful and patient with my many questions." Brian

"I had read articles on Lightroom and watched the Adobe Youtube videos, but things made much more sense when I was able to follow along with Alan on my was so helpful to have the opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment. Alan is phenomenal. He knows his stuff inside and out. If he doesn't know something, he will research it and get back to you. He is also exceedingly personable and enthusiastic." Joe

"Alan was great. I liked that he kept saying 'please ask questions, I'm not a mind-reader', and that he came up to students throughout to see how they were getting on. It's given me confidence and excitement about photography. Great tips on composition, and Alan would point out interesting things such as reflections that I wouldn't have otherwise noticed. I think it has made my pictures more interesting." Hannah